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Dr. Karen Katchen helps leaders grow at all levels. Her 30+ years background as a clinical psychologist and extensive leadership experience will help you and your team perform brilliantly, accelerate growth, and build organizational resilience.


Karen's services

Executive Coaching

Dr. Katchen works with executives, teams, and organizations on professional and personal development. She brings a unique understanding of the pressures that teams face in building rapidly scaling tech companies. Dr. Katchen can help your team build habits and skills around resiliency to maximize performance.

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EQ Training

Dr. Katchen has a unique approach to EQ development. By mapping the individual and collective EQ strengths and weaknesses of your executive team, Dr. Katchen can develop a training program to help your team strength their EQ muscles and exponentially improve performance.

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"Managing your own psychology is both really hard and really important. It’s become cliché at this point, but it’s true—the emotional highs and lows are very intense, and if you don’t figure out how to stay somewhat level through them, you’re going to struggle."

- Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator