Karen offers a systematic method and process to professional development and organizational change. Her background as a Psychologist brings a diverse set of skills, techniques, and depth of perspective to any individual consultation. Karen uses evidence based-therapeutic approaches which are uniquely tailored to your needs and the needs of your organization. These include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, focused behavioral strategies to identify and modify emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors which may be interfering with daily life, personal goals, balance and well-being. Karen's approach to coaching is about getting better outcomes with less effort. 

Dr. Katchen offers coaching in two ways by monthly retainer:

  • Option A: Company provides a certain number of hours per month to be scheduled in Dr. Katchen’s office coaching services of individuals or available to a team of individuals.
  • Option B: Dr. Katchen recognizes that it is hard for employees of tech companies to leave their office. She has a unique office hours service: she will come to your office for one day a week, or a half day a week, or one-two days a month with pre-scheduled appointments or sign up coaching.